Keystroke Dynamics Analysis to Enhance Password Security of Mobile Banking Applications

  • Maen Tayseer Alrashdan Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation
Keywords: Cyber security, Keystroke, Mobile banking, Password protection, Experiment


Nowadays, there are many cases where users’ personal accounts get hacked using their own password. The factors for such cases can vary depending on password strength and obvious passwords which are similar to the user’s details such as usernames and emails. For that, there are new ways of preventing such incidents to happen and to strengthen the security of the accounts. This paper studies the usage of keystroke analysis to enhance password security which includes biometrics and typing patterns. This paper will also discuss the previous researches regarding this method on many platforms including touch screen devices. After that, this paper will look deeply into the implementation process of this technique followed by a detailed experiments and analysis. using keystroke dynamics analysis to enhance password security on mobile devices proved to have a great chance of success and how it can affect the everyday users of banking applications.


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