Light Load Path Selection Techniques for Control Congestion in MANET (ENBA)

  • Somya Kankane Sagar Institute of Research & Technology, Bhopal, India
  • Arun Jhapate Sagar Institute of Research & Technology, Bhopal, India
  • Ritu Shrivastava Sagar Institute of Research & Technology, Bhopal, India
Keywords: AODV-M, ENBA, Congestion, Load, MANET, TTL, AOMDV


The nodes have limited bandwidth and processing capability. The routing protocols cannot handle the congestion due to heavy load in mobile ad hoc networks. Several routes are established in the network, and some intermediate nodes are common. The dynamic behaviour of the network creates problems for strong link establishment. The routing protocol establishes the connection between the sender and receiver. The efficient routing approach uses the concept of load balancing to reduce packet loss in a network. The heavy load on the network affects the node’s buffer capacity and link capacity. The research proposed the Effective Network Behavior Analyze (ENBA) for route sections to control congestion in MANET. This paper’s effort is driven by the idea of considering several aspects of the routing design of Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) in a unified manner. ENBA is a routing strategy that uses the shortest path for routing and balances the load by managing incoming and outgoing packets on links and nodes. In this routing scheme, the shortest path measures the buffer capacity of the nodes with higher TTL values selected for sending the data packets in the network.

The link capacity is based on the flow of packets in the network. Queue optimisation is a continuous optimisation in which we count the number of packets incoming and decide the link reliability in a dynamic network. The performance of ENBA is compared with the Ad hoc On-demand Multipath Distance Vector -Modified (AOMDV-M) routing protocol. The ENDA strategy outperforms the competition in terms of performance over a shorter period. In the proposed technique, performance matrices like PDR, overhead, and delay provide better results than the previous AOMDV-M routing approach.


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