Speed Control of BLDC Motor Using Microprocessor

  • Bhupendra Singh Niranjan MGIMT Lucknow India
  • Sarika Shrivastava AITM Varanasi India
  • Arjun Kumar MGIMT Lucknow India
  • Vishal choudhari MGIMT Lucknow India
  • km Roli Maurya MGIMT Lucknow India
  • Adarsh Mishra MGIMT Lucknow India
Keywords: BLDC Motor, Microprocessor


This paper presents a method of speed control Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) using a microprocessor. Brushless DC motor plays a vital role in all applications such as ling fans, pumps, automotive drivers, and robotic Automations, and Many technologies are available in the motor from controlling the speed of the motor as per the designed applications. In this regard, for control of speed in a BLDC motor application, using Ardunio Board with PWM Technique be used Speed Control of BLDC motor with various Techniques such as using mobile applications,  100th based BMS from the mobile phone. Brushless DC motors (BLDC) find wide applications in industries due to their high power density and ease of control. These motors are generally controlled using a three-phase power semiconductor bridge. In order to start and provide a proper commutation sequence to turn on the power devices in the inverter bridge, the rotor position sensors are required. The power devices are commutated sequentially every 60 degrees based on the rotor position. The motor requires suitable speed controllers to achieve the desired level of performance. In the case of permanent magnet motors, speed control is usually achieved by using a proportional-integral (PI) controller. Although conventional PI controllers are widely used in the industry due to their simple control structure and ease of implementation, these controllers pose difficulties where there are some control complexities such as nonlinearity.


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Niranjan, B., Shrivastava, S., Kumar, A., choudhari, V., Maurya, km R., & Mishra, A. (2022). Speed Control of BLDC Motor Using Microprocessor. International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology, 11(2), 01-03. Retrieved from https://ijact.org/index.php/ijact/article/view/107