Volume 07 Issue 03, JUNE 2018


Imroze Aslam, Prof. Ratan Singh Rajput

Page no:01-05


Digital image data secure techniques have recently grows area because in this field great awareness due to secure image data or its importance for a large number of multimedia applications. Digital images data are increasingly transmitted over non-secure multimedia channels or Internet. Some important area like military, medical and quality control images data must be protected against attempts to important work. Important work could corrupt image data problem insecure important image data. To protect the authenticity of multimedia images, several approaches have been proposed. Encryption is used to transmit data securely in open networks. Information contents may be image data. Encryption of text or images, which cover the highest percentage of the multimedia, is most important during secure transmission of information. There are so many different techniques that should be used to protect confidential image data from unauthorized access. The three most important factors of image data secure design imperceptibility or undetectability, capacity, and security. As a performance measure for image distortion due to image data embedding, the well-known peak-signal-to noise ratio. It compute peak signal to noise ratio between two images, in decibels unit if image. This ratio is often used as a quality measurement between the original image data and a secure hard image data. Main parameter finds higher the PSNR, image data the better the quality of the hard or reconstructed image.