Social Media Spam Detection - Twitter

  • Rumi Juwairiyyah Student


The use of social media in the 21st century has generated a humongous amount of data. This technology is a very cheap, efficient and popular means of communication and can be used for sharing information and resources. Data can be of any type, such as facts, statistics, graphs, charts, trends that can be accessed by a computer for interpretation. People these days count on the data they get from social media to make their decisions. As the data available is huge and free of cost, it has enabled social spammers to exploit the world of internet by spreading different kinds of spam messages in order to promote blogs, advertisements and so on. The liberty given to a user to write a review of their will has given spammers a golden opportunity to exploit the trust of the customers by spamming the site with spam reviews about products based on different interests. IDE provides the users a workbench where they can arrive at the end result by integrating various tools. 


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