Survey on WI-MAX System Based on Wavelet Packet Modulation Technique

  • Pooja Patel RITS, Bhopal (M.P), India
  • Dr. Jaipal Singh Bisht RITS, Bhopal (M.P), India
Keywords: Wireless Network, WiMAX, OFDM, Adaptive Modulation Techniques, BER, Wireless Fidelity, Binary Phase Shift Keying, DQPSK .


A study within the field of Worldwide ability for Microwave Access system or communication system is way required as communication services. rippling Packet Modulation is AN helpful technique of multicarrier modulation that has high information measure, potency and adaptability. This paper inquires, simulation of IEEE802.16 in MATLAB software package victimization rippling packet modulation in WIMAX. The results show that BER performance of words per minute system is best than OFDM that uses cyclic prefix and consequently has higher SNR. The study is simulated over AN AWGN channel and frequency selective Rayleigh channel. BER performance of various rippling families is planned for this channel conditions OFDM is being wide utilized in wireless communication systems for its ability to cut back the information measure and enhance the information rate. The scheme provides lustiness against interference and may adapt simply to weakening eventualities. This paper offers a comparison of channel performance victimization numerous modulation techniques over completely different weakening environments. Modulation schemes include BPSK, QPSK, 64- QAM that are utilized beneath the influence of AWGN, Rayleigh, flat weakening, frequency selective and Rican attenuation channels. BER (Bit Error Rate) and SNR (Signal to Noise ratio) functions are wont to analyze the performance of information transmitted over these channels Mat research lab is employed to develop the OFDM model and analysis the performance of WiMAX system.


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