An Improved Reversible Data Hiding with Hierarchical Embedding for Encrypted Images and BBET

  • Ritik Gour TITE, RGPV, MP, Bhopal, India
  • Amar Nayak TITE, RGPV, MP, Bhopal, India
Keywords: Reversible Data Hiding, Image Encryption, Image Decryption, Histogram Shifting, MSE Measure, PSNR Measure, Security, RDHEI, BBET


This research introduces an enhanced reversible data hiding (RDH) approach incorporating hierarchical embedding for encrypted images and employs a novel technique termed BBET (Best Bits Embedding Technique). RDH involves concealing information within a host sequence, enabling the restoration of both the host sequence and embedded data without loss from the marked sequence. While RDH has traditionally found applications in media annotation and integrity authentication, its utilisation has expanded into diverse fields. Given the rapid advancements in digital communication, computer technologies, and the Internet, ensuring information security poses a formidable challenge in safeguarding valuable data. Various reversible and stenographic techniques exist for covertly embedding or protecting data, spanning text, images, and protocols, and facilitating secure transmission to intended recipients. An influential approach in data security is reversible data hiding in encrypted images (RDHEI). This paper distinguishes between the conventional RDHEI technique, characterised by lower Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio (PSNR) and higher Mean Squared Error (MSE), and proposes an improved RDHEI technique. As the prevalence of digital techniques for image transmission and storage rises, preserving image confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity becomes paramount. Text associated with an image, such as authentication or author information, can serve as embedded data. The recipient must adeptly recover both the concealed data and the original image. Reversible data-hiding techniques ensure the exact recovery of the original carrier after extracting the encrypted data. Classification of RDHEI techniques is based on the implemented method employed. This paper delves into a comprehensive exploration of techniques applicable to difference expansion, histogram shifting, and compression embedding for reversible data hiding. Emphasis is placed on the necessity for a reversible data-hiding technique that meticulously restores the host image.

Furthermore, the study evaluates performance parameters associated with encryption processes, scrutinising their security aspects. The investigation utilises the MATLAB tool to develop the proposed BBET technique, comparing its efficacy in embedding and achieving enhanced security features. The BBET technique is characterised by reliability, high robustness, and secure data hiding, making it a valuable addition to the evolving landscape of reversible data hiding methodologies.


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