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List Of Publications


Volume-7,Issue-1,February(Open:Last date of paper submission:15 February 2018,Date of publication 25 February 2018)

Volume-6,Issue-6,December (Published on December 25,2017)

Volume-6,Issue-5,October (Published on October 25,2017)

Volume-6,Issue-4,August (Published on August 25,2017)

Volume-6,Issue-3,June (Published on June 25,2017)

Volume-6,Issue-2,April (Published on April 25,2017)

Volume-6,Issue-1,February (Published on February 25,2017)

Volume-5,Issue-6,December (Published on December 25,2016)

Volume-5,Issue-5,October (Published on October 25,2016)

Volume-5,Issue-4,August (Published on August 25,2016)

Volume-5,Issue-3,June (Published on June 25,2016)

Volume-5,Issue-2,April (Published on April 25,2016)

Volume-5,Issue-1,February (Published on February 25,2016)

Volume-4,Issue-6,December (Published on December 25,2015)

Volume-4,Issue-5,October (Published on October 25,2015)

Volume-4,Issue-4,August (Published on August 25,2015)

Volume-4,Issue-3,June (Published on June 25,2015)

Volume-4,Issue-2,April (Published on April 25,2015)

Volume-4,Issue-1,February (Published on February 25,2015)

Volume-3,Issue-6,December (Published on December 25,2014)

Volume-3,Issue-5,October (Published on October 25,2014)

Volume-3,Issue-4,August (Published on August 25,2014)

Volume-3,Issue-3,June (Published on June 25,2014)

Volume-3,Issue-2,April (Published on April 25,2014)

Volume-3,Issue-1,Febraury (Published on Febraury 25,2014)

Volume-2,Issue-6,December (Published on December 25,2013)

Volume-2,Issue-5,October (Published on October 25,2013)

Volume-2,Issue-4,August (Published on August 25,2013)

Volume-2,Issue-3,June (Published on June 25,2013)

Volume-2,Issue-2,April (Published on April 25,2013)

Volume-2,Issue-1,February (Published on February 25,2013)

Volume-1,Issue-2,December (Published on December 25,2012)

Volume-1,Issue-1,October (Published on October 25,2012)